10 Bizarre Survival Traits Thanks To Evolution

Josh Welch

California Ground SquirrelLiving in the wild is no picnic when you consider the fact that a great deal of your time is spent avoiding becoming another animals, well, picnic. 

Since we humans live near the top of the food chain, we don't have to think about this little problem too much anymore. 

However, if you go out into your back yard or even look in the corner of your garage and you will probably find many creatures that have to spend a great deal of energy just trying to make it to tomorrow.

That is where evolution steps in to try and "save the day".

You see, if a plant, animal or insect can't survive long enough to reproduce, then its species will not be long for this world, so adaptations are made that sometimes result in a distinct advantage over other members of its species. 

The SciShow video below tells us about ten of these adaptations that are quite strange, but in the end very effective. 

Tell us about some other strange adaptations in the comments, or just let us know what you think of these!