Easy Fence Post and Stump Removal Tool

Josh Welch

Taras Kul trying to pull a fence post by handIf you have ever tried to remove a fence post or bush stump, then you know it is an all-day, back-breaking job. 

Whenever I saw that Taras Kul, AKA. The Crazy Russian Hacker, had made a video showcasing an easy way to remove fence posts I had to take a look and see just how easy this method would be. 

It turns out that it is less about the method and more about the tool, but this tool is very simple and could be made at home if you are handy. 

I have to say that I was somewhat skeptical before watching the video, but then I was completely amazed at how easy this tool makes the job of removing fence posts! 

If you have just a few posts or stumps that you need to remove then you definitely need to check out this video before you throw out your back trying anything else. 

Leave a comment below to let me hear your thoughts about this awesome gadget!