Welcome The Swarms Of Robots

Josh Welch

A swarm of robotsWhen thinking about the future it is hard not to imagine robots being a very big part of it. 

Many movies have been made about our possible futures and most include robots in some capacity, but more than likely as the "bad guy". 

It is easy to fear that which we don't yet fully understand, which is why these movies do so well, but the reality is that the robots in our future will most likely be nothing but helpful. 

So when you hear about robot swarms, try to resist the urge to picture a Hollywood swarm of robots and instead picture the swarms of robots that will possibly save lives, build our homes and reduce or eliminate traffic congestion. 

This SciShow video will fill you in on the details of this exciting new technology and its unique uses. 

Let me know what you think about the video or the coming robot swarms in the comments section below!